Current Top Ten of ALL TIME

My list of favourite films often fluctuates, but it’s a list that I enjoy doing…

(as of 15/02/2018)

10. The Godfather (1972) – Possibly literally the greatest film of all time and every time it’s finished I have to take a few moments of awe-inspired silence.


9. The Before Trilogy (1995, 2004, 2013) – Cheating with three films here but I like them all equally.  Simple concept that I’m infatuated with, and I could spend time with these characters all day.


8. There Will be Blood (2007) – A master work of art from Paul Thomas Anderson with two era-dominating performances from Paul Dano and Daniel Day-Lewis.

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7. In Bruges (2008) – This film probably has my favourite scene of all time in it (Brendan Gleeson – Raglan Road) and continues to make me laugh/cry the more I watch it.

Film Title: In Bruges

6.  Children of Men (2006) – Alfonso Cuaron is a terrific filmmaker and this a remarkable movie.  Clive Owen is the hero we all need.


5. Fight Club (1999) – Is it a cliche to be here?  David Fincher showing what you can do with an adaptation.  Every time I watch it it still amazes me – Brad Pitt, Ed Norton, Helena Bonham Carter all phenomenal in a special film.


4. Ruby Sparks (2012) – Stunning film about writing and relationships.  It speaks to me.

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3. The Social Network (2010) – A film I can never tire of watching; Fincher again is giving an absolute masterclass in telling a story.  Another cool film that gives me chills in almost every scene.

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2.  Annie Hall (1977) – Hard to talk about Woody Allen without talking about other things, but his film-making is exceptional.  This film changed the way I look at cinema and how it can be.  It cheers me up when I’m down, and inspires me when I’m dry creatively.


1.  Mission Impossible (1996) – WAKE UP CLAIRE, JIM’S DEAD, THEY’RE DEAD, THEY’RE ALL DEAD.

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