Arrival & Donald Trump


The prospect of listening to anything an 18 year old social sciences student has to say about global politics isn’t great.  But then, what’s the point of all this?  My opinion is as invalid as the rest of anyone else’s, and I’m pretty influenced by what I read or watch and what I’m surrounded by.  So take everything I write in that context, from the view of a frustrated student living in the north of England.

‘Arrival’ was fantastic.  Like ‘Nocturnal Animals’, that I saw last week, it emotionally moved me.  For the last 20 minutes or so I was breathless, and mesmerised.  Dennis Villeneuve adds to his already great filmography with what I consider a great piece of cinema.  Original, yet wonderfully faithful to similar Sci-Fi of the past, and grounded in it’s characters.  Amy Adams continues to be one of the top actors of her generation with her both complicated and calming performance in the lead, with her character being incredibly well crafted and justified in every scene.  The film is stunning on visual level and I can’t think of a fault in the 116 minutes. Though it’s the themes of the films that stuck with me, and made me think of the world that I’m living in.


The world did not end when Donald Trump became the president elect, nor did it even die a little.  Those around us who are caring, open-minded and willing to make change still exist.  He is not the evil of the world, he is a fool.  A fool who has effectively grabbed the US by the throat and allowed it to breath.  Fed up by the establishment, the angry have voted, the forgotten have voted.  Something different has sparked from the depths of US democracy.  And it’s not just those ‘horrid, southern American racists’.  Trump won the female vote, beating the first female candidate.  The US is so vast you cannot comprehend the electoral map.  Each state is it’s own community, it can’t be bottled down into categories.  Not all misogynists voted for Trump, it wasn’t a win for hate.  It was more a loss for the left, the ignorant and blinded left.  A left who fell behind Hilary Clinton, the epitome of political ugliness if there ever was one.  A terrible candidate, one who connected with little more than entitled students.  Entitled students who are now protesting in states where the democrats won, and are finding themselves trying to wake up a dead body, preaching to the converted.  What about middle America, what about real people, with different problems to the alt left.  The saddest part of it all being that Bernie Sanders would have won.  An honest socialist candidate, a compassionate man who would have put the world a step forward, put to the side for the ‘safe option’.  I’m upset as a lefty, and quickly discovering our side is as bad as the right.


So forget the sides, forget the rallying calls to defeat the so called dark right of politics. And use the film ‘Arrival’ to bring people closer together.  The film pushes values of collaboration and openness to one another.  A sense that we all face the same problems and are all human. All after the same goals.  Donald Trump is an abomination, a voice that needs quieting, but don’t shout over him.  Shout with him, open your eyes and realise he is lying to your face. Open your eyes to real threat which is his vice Mike Pence.  Listen to the good of Barack Obama, of Jeremy Corbyn, but don’t stand behind them like soldiers.  Go to the cinema to see great works of art like Arrival, allow yourself to be educated and changed.  Otherwise we’re all the same, selfish beings after a win rather than progress. We have to remember why we do all of this.  I believe in socialist attitudes not because I’m ‘culturally better’, or more intelligent, it’s because the world could be so much better than it is today.  Better in so many ways, all achievable by just opening our minds.




This video is 1000 times more structure than what I’ve just rambled about:   (Jonathan Pie Vid (legend) PLEASE WATCH)


Sidenote:  I got a bit over-excited with this, so I wouldn’t take it all literally.

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